I am glad you are here.  

If you are thinking about beginning therapy, you probably have a variety of questions and feelings about starting the process.  It can also be difficult to choose who may be right for you with the great number of therapists in Denver.  I hope this site will help you to feel welcome, answer some of your questions, and inspire you to begin your journey towards greater balance and personal wellness.  

You may be considering entering into therapy because you have been silenced and unable to have a voice, you feel stuck in a place or situation in which you do not want to be, you have been discriminated against, or you feel unsafe, guilty or shamed due to the experiences you have been through.  Or, maybe your experience is something I have not captured here... whatever your reason for seeking counseling, I believe therapy is a place where you should feel valued, in control, and able to share your thoughts and feelings openly. 


I want to hear your story... I want to understand where you are on your journey... and I want to know what healing means to YOU. 


"Life is a journey,

not a destination"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My vision of therapy includes YOU as the driver; 

and as your therapist, I will work along side you, helping you to navigate your path.  

Therapy is your journey to find your strengths, your balance and your true self. 

I will be there to accompany you.

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